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Do you like to add decorative interest and warmth to your room? Then, you can buy area rugs and place them properly. Your bare floors will have an easy makeover with these rugs. Unravel the hidden beauty of your room with the modern rugs. Properly installed area rugs can set the theme for your room. Designed especially for interiors, these rugs are the best alternatives to your wall-to-wall carpets. However, how will you make the optimal use of these area rugs?

Define the overall floor space

As you are enthusiastic about creating a unique interior décor, area rugs can be a perfect addition. You can add multiple rugs to the multipurpose zones. It will be easy to create a good living space in your bedroom. Similarly, you can separate your dining room from the adjacent living room. Buy rugs of similar designs and varying sizes. You can create separate spaces while maintaining the cohesiveness of the colour and design.

The most important thing is that rugs have to coordinate and complement each other. Interior designers claim that multiple rugs are best for large rooms. Proper placement of rugs will bring unity and harmony to the design.

However, make sure that you have left an equal amount of floor space on different sides of the rugs. For instance, the gap may be about 8 to 24 inches. Most commonly, the space between rugs is 18 inches. But, in a smaller room, it may be about 8 inches. You can choose the central part of your room to place the rugs.

It is also good to place the furniture on your area rug. In your living room, the furniture must be on top of your rug. At least, the front legs of your upholstered furniture should be placed on the rug.

However, the area rug for a dining room needs to be slightly larger to accommodate the table and chairs.

Add colours to your room with area rugs

You may not like to redecorate your room with a painting project. The best way of adding a splash of colour is with the area rug. Available in a range of colours, finishes, and designs, these contemporary rugs can create a balance.

Some designers use neutral rugs that look perfect with vibrant tables and sofa. For instance, a rug with subtle red patterns reveals a unique colour scheme and modernity. Similarly, bold rugs are the right choice for neutral furnishings and walls. Thus, you can use the area rug to bring consistency to the colour palette.

Choose a colour combination, which makes you feel the warmth. A more attractive and colourful rug is best for spacious playrooms and sitting zones.

However, you can go beyond these rules and be more creative. Some homeowners prefer rugs with rich patterns and intricate details. For instance, a zebra-inspired rug looks stunning with the white walls and floors.

Show your personality and tell a story with area rugs-

Let your feet feel different when they touch rugs with special prints. The patterns for small easy-to-clean entrance rugs would differ from the bedroom rugs. Thus, you can buy separate rugs that reflect your personality and taste.

Some rugs are available with a personalized touch. For instance, you will find mythological representations and other symbols that reflect the uniqueness of rugs.

You have now learned 3 biggest tips for using area rugs

However, you can check for some other tips for leveraging the benefits of area rugs.

  • Cover the high-traffic zones with the rug. While walking through the floor space, your visitors would be able to place their foot on the rug. You can choose the best patterns that match your flooring and rug.
  • Professional designers think that area rugs look best especially in your living room. It is the focal point in your house, and you like to enjoy some moments with your family members in this room. You will get a sound deadening solution and instant comfort with an area rug.
  • Dining spaces and adjacent tables provide the ideal space for a distinctive area rug. You can buy silk and wool area rugs for the dining room. The sunrays hit the rug at multiple angles during the daytime. Moreover, the silk rug can reflect the light rays differently. That is why the rug can be a piece of art on the floor.
  • There is no need to use rug pads, as they are slippery. You may slide easily and get injured. However, they would give comfort to your feet. Avoid these rug pads especially for hardwood flooring. They can damage your wooden floor surface for the stickiness.
  • You can create a theme-based decoration in your living room. For instance, forest, beach, and other commonly chosen themes will beautify your room. A greenish rug with light neutral sea green shades and sunny yellow tones can create a coastal vibe. You can create an attractive pattern with some small alterations to your living room rugs.
  • Try out unique shapes of rugs. Rectangular, square, oval, and round rugs have become very popular. You can choose rugs of different shapes that match the space. Take some time to decide on your rug style.
  • Do not choose a too small rug, as it will make your room look smaller. A rug can set the boundary and define the conversation zone. That is why you must not compromise over the rug size.

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