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A rug can bring perfection to the overall setup in your room. Although you have installed your furnishings and displayed your wall decors, rugs can show your personality. However, purchasing a rug too small and too big would be a waste of money. Luxury rugs are, no doubt, beautiful for your room. But, cost-effective classic rugs also make a difference. Thus, how will you find the best rugs for your home? A few tips will remove your queries, and you can make an informed decision.

Decide on the style and material of your rug

Most buyers like to classify rugs based on their aesthetics. Nevertheless, materials used in the run can define the style.

Rugs made from natural fibers like sisal, jute, silk, cotton, and wool are durable. However, wool rugs are costlier and need professional maintenance.

Some rugs are designed with polypropylene, polyester, acrylic, and other synthetic fibers. They are stain-resistant, easy to clean, and affordable. One of the cons is that they do not last long and need replacement. Bacteria and mildew may also contaminate them.

Other fabrics used for designing rugs are bamboo silk and viscose. Intricate patterns on the rug’s surface conceal dirt. But, viscose may attract oil and moisture, and it may be a disadvantage.

You must also focus on the rug style to make a purchase. Homeowners who prefer vintage style can invest in Persian rugs made from natural wools and vegetable dyes. They ensure durability and quality due to the detailed craftsmanship.

Similarly, Turkish rugs can create an attractive complement to your home. They are available in both hand-made and machine-made versions. Heighten the aesthetics in your room with rugs of a perfect style.

Some users like to choose rugs, which are easy to clean. For instance, jute rugs are easily cleanable with a vacuum cleaner. However, they are not resistant to water and mildew. You can use your washing machine for cleaning cotton rugs. Steam cleaning is also safe for these rugs.

Stain-resistant seagrass rugs have become much popular due to durability. They are the best choice for larger rooms.

Although some rug fibers are easily cleanable, you can rely on professionals to do it. They know how to clean the rugs and carpets without damaging the fibers.

Pile of your rugs

A rug’s pile refers to the thickness of fibers. This thickness is measured from the rug’s surface to its backing. Thus, you have to know the difference between low-pile and high-pile rugs. Rugs with shorter fibers are low-pile ones. You can use them for kitchen rooms and high-traffic zones. On the contrary, those with taller fibers are high-pile rugs, and you may choose them for your living room.

There are a few other tips for deciding on the rug’s pile-

  • Thicker piles are not always better-

A thicker pile is not related to quality. It indicates the density of the fiber.

  • Shorter fibers are durable

Rugs with a shorter pile last longer, and you can clean them easily with vacuuming.

  • Focus on your furniture-

Rugs with longer fibers make your feet feel soft. However, the legs of your furniture can cause marking and crushing.

  • Cleaning technique

Longer-pile rugs and shags may get stuck in the rotating system of a vacuum cleaner.

Thus, the rug’s pile is one of the important factors, as it can affect performance and aesthetics. However, it does not make a significant difference in the insulating potential. Still, the thicker rugs provide better insulation and have higher longevity.

Plain versus patterned rugs-

While some homeowners prefer plain rugs, others look for the patterned rugs. However, how will you decide on the right one for your needs?

Patterned rugs are available in different designs like geometric shapes and stripes. They create a perfect contrast in the rooms that have plain furniture and plain walls. Neutral rugs with minimal patterns also look beautiful.

Moreover, patterned rugs can be the focal point in a large room. They will add depth to the overall décor of the space. You can create an optical illusion and make your room look larger. Vertical stripes, longer patterns, and other designs serve this purpose.

Patterns also help in disguising the stains on your carpet surface. Still, you must clean your carpet regularly. Busy patterns are not the right choice for darker rooms.

Plain round rugs are not boring for your modern room. You can pick a bold color for these rugs. Uniformity of color is highly advantageous for plain rug users. Although you have chosen patterned furniture, plain rugs will create a perfect balance. Use the rugs for your small room to make it look bigger. But, you cannot hide stains from the plain rug surface.

Find the rug of an appropriate size

It is always important to know the rug sizes to choose the right device. Standard sizes available for rugs are-

  • 4 ft by 6 ft
  • 3 ft by 5 ft
  • 9 ft by 12 ft
  • 8 ft by 10 ft
  • 5 ft by 8 ft

The best manufacturers can present you with 3 to 4 rug sizes, and you can find the right one for your room. It is better to measure the floor space of your room before buying your rugs.

While purchasing the living room rug of a perfect orientation and size, you have to focus on the room’s shape. Living rooms have sofa, coffee table, and other furnishings. Thus, you must not overlook them to buy the best rugs. In case of bedroom rugs, your bed needs to be the base for placing your rug.

Smaller rugs running under the front part of your chairs and sofas make your room beautiful.

Choosing the best rugs is not easy. Still, these tips would help you in buying the desired product. You can check the collection of Glara Shop, one of the prominent rug sellers in Tsawwassen, North Vancouver, Burnaby, and Surrey. It has both an online and offline presence for customers. You will get rugs and carpets at the most reasonable price.

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